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Vertical and Horizontal Bone Augmentation with the Intraoral Autogenous J-Graft – Article

Article By Hassan G. Moghadam, DDS, MSc Bone defects that arise after dental extraction usually result in both horizontal and vertical bone loss. With time, the soft tissue shrinks concomitantly with the bone, making large augmentations difficult. The current challenge in bone grafting technique is vertical augmentation. The principle reason...
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Soft Tissue Surgery

Site development using rotational flaps and coronally repositioning flaps around implants and teeth. When more volume is needed Dermis is used with primary closure. Complex defects requiring vertical soft tissue or covering of an exposed bone graft requires a living soft tissue graft that has a vital blood supply attached...
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Hard Tissue Surgery

Site development using simple procedures such as ridge expansion, then moving to particulate allograft and Xenograft with GBR techniques. The most advanced procedure is used for complex vertical and horizontal grafting using a three dimensional autogenous J- Block....
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