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Soft Tissue Surgery

Site development using rotational flaps and coronally repositioning flaps around implants and teeth. When more volume is needed Dermis is used with primary closure. Complex defects requiring vertical soft tissue or covering of an exposed bone graft requires a living soft tissue graft that has a vital blood supply attached...
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Hard Tissue Surgery

Site development using simple procedures such as ridge expansion, then moving to particulate allograft and Xenograft with GBR techniques. The most advanced procedure is used for complex vertical and horizontal grafting using a three dimensional autogenous J- Block....
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Treatment Plan

We will review a number of cases and have the participants determine the treatment plan. Then we will follow the cases to determine the final result, which may be unexpected. This highlights the importance of making a detailed evaluation of the need for hard and soft tissue grafting. Determining this...
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Complication of each procedure will be described and the method of treating these complications will be shown. Medical legal aspects of implant dentistry will be highlighted with special attention to nerve injury....
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