Initially implant function was a measure of success; today, however, implant esthetics is what drives patients to seek treatment. This has raised the demands on the implant surgeons who now have to master both hard and soft tissue management around dental implants. This hands on cadaver course is designed to treat the most challenging aspects of tissue deficiency. Both horizontal and vertical hard and soft tissue augmentation techniques will be demonstrated. Novel soft tissue augmentation such as the Vascularized Interpositional Periosteal Connective Tissue graft (VIP-CT) will be used to correct both horizontal and vertical soft tissue deficiencies with one procedure. Vertical bone grafting techniques using GBR and autogenous blocks will be demonstrated as well as combination hard and soft tissue procedures. Hard and soft tissue grafting techniques will be demonstrated and each participant will perform the procedure on a cadaver head. This course will provide both the biologic rational and clinical techniques for grafting. Finally complications of each procedure will be discussed.


This course is advanced surgical techniques for the experienced implant surgeon


To learn novel grafting techniques and master hard and soft tissue augmentation

Course Content

  • Biology of hard and soft tissue grafting
  • Esthetic principles in implant placement
  • Immediate implant placement and temporization
  • Socket preservation and temporization
  • Up to date clinical and scientific review of bone substitutes
  • Small and large volume soft tissue augmentation
  • Small and large volume bone augmentation
  • Bone harvesting technique (ramus, zygoma, tuberosity, and chin)
  • Combination of hard and soft tissue augmentation
  • Autogenous block grafting
  • Vertical bone augmentation
  • Autogenous J-graft
  • Guided tissue regeneration using membranes
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Nerve lateralization
  • Alveolar distraction
  • Complications and how to deal with them

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